“Are HairByMsMaya custom luxury units hand-sewn or machine-sewn?”

Each custom, luxury unit currently provided by HairByMsMaya is constructed using a sewing-machine. This technique ensures longevity of your purchase while allowing you get a custom-fit. Your unit is guaranteed to last years with occasional lace maintenance or replacement.


“I’ve been told HD lace does not last, requires more maintenance, and is harder to maintain — is this true?”

HD lace can give you many wears if maintained correctly. HD lace has the ability to last, but will experience normal wear and tear especially if you are constantly wearing the lace in one part/style or find yourself manipulating the lace often. Again, the longevity of the lace solely depends on how much the lace is manipulated or how often the unit is worn. If you know that you are rough with your units, getting a closure instead of a frontal is recommended. *Tip— using adhesives such as glue or Got2be gel can shorten the lifespan of your film lace.

"How long will my lace unit installment last?"

All of our wigs are made to be 100% glue-less, meaning adhesive is NOT required to wear any of our wigs. Therefore, you are able to remove your unit each day if you choose. You can still use a lace adhesive or glue to install your unit, however HairByMsMaya does not provide installs using glue. Sew-in installs generally last anywhere between 4-7 weeks, requiring maintenance at 3 week intervals. The longevity of your lace itself is determined by manipulation and care. Please refrain from scratching, poking, and unnecessary pulling for the best experience. Proper instructions are given during your installation service.

'How do I purchase bundles/lace/units for my upcoming appointment?"

All purchases are made online at www.hairbymsmaya.com. Please consider shipping and processing times before scheduling your appointment.

"Which type of hair and textures do you provide?"

We currently provide Raw Indian temple extensions supplied by one of India’s top raw extension manufacturers  - available in straight, wavy, and curly in both natural black/brown and blonde. Each hand-picked 3.5oz bundle is 100% raw/unprocessed, single donor. You are able to color and style your extensions however you desire —ie: heat styling, color processing, texture alteration etc.

How long does this hair last?

At HairByMsMaya, you are guaranteed longevity with each extension/lace purchase. Our hair will last a minimum of 5 years with proper care and maintenance.

How can I place a custom unit order if I don't see a unit I like?

Custom unit orders can be be placed either on our website using the Build-A-Wig tool or via email if you wish to provide your own hair for the unit. Email unit order requests are generally responded to within a 24-72 hr timeframe; please refer to the Help section of the menu to learn how to fill out a custom unit request when sending in your own hair.

"How many bundles should I purchase for my scheduled appointment?"

Required number of bundles for your install will depend on the size of the lace being provided, the length of the hair, as well as your desired look. Weft lengths will vary from company-company; estimates below are for extensions provided by hairbymsmaya.com only. I recommended 2 bundles (up to 14” in length) of raw Indian extensions for a full sew-in weave paired with 13x4 or 13x6 sizing of lace frontals. This same guideline would apply to 5x5 or 6x6 lace closures. We recommend purchasing 3 bundles of raw Indian extensions in lengths of 16” to 22”. We recommend 4 or more bundles for lengths 26″+. Please be very mindful in regards to this guideline. The density of your install will impact your final look.