Lace Wig Guide

This guide is all about helping you make sure you know what to buy, before you buy! Included is information on wig sizing, lace color, and tips for installations!

Wig Sizing

To measure the circumference of your head for the size of your wig, use a flexible measuring tape and measure from the center of your forehead, around your head, and back to the center of your forehead. The measurement should be in inches. It is best to measure your head with your hair in a flat style (braided or in a low bun as if you were about to put on a wig) and if you are in-between sizes, we recommend going up a size. 

**Please note that our wigs are mainly glue-less. While you can still glue down these units upon preference, our custom wigs can be worn 100% glueless. Because of this, an Ear-to-Ear measurement is required. Please follow the same procedures for measuring the circumference of your head, but measure the distance between your ears across the top of your forehead. 

Lace Color

Hair By Ms. Maya offers one kind of lace: HD film lace. Our premium quality lace is very thin for the most natural looking installs and it is stretchy, which gives the lace durability. High quality lace is just as important to us as high quality hair extensions. This lace is meant to match all skin tones. Fair skin tones do not need to tint this lace, but medium to darker shades can easily tint the lace for the most natural blend.


Hair By Ms. Maya aims at providing you with the best quality hair extensions and custom wigs/laces that can be easily installed and melted into your skin! With that being said, we recommend that you have your hair installed by a professional for the absolute best results. Located in the DMV? Have your wig installed by Maya herself by clicking Book an Appointment in the main menu.